Front and back image of promotional cards. Someone had recently dropped off an old iPod at the library which served as inspiration for this printed promotion. Designed to highlight our music download service and created in Adobe Illustrator, these cards have been in circulation for 2+ years.

I created this poster for our 2016 summer concert series. Each month, the photos, the dates, and band info was updated.

An annual tradition, Pink Floyd cover band Pinky and the Floyd wraps up the summer concert series at the library. For the final poster and one of our most popular events, I tweaked the poster to include an homage to the album cover for Dark Side of the Moon.

I recently created this branding for our computer room makeover. The space, formerly home to public access computers, was already know as "the computer lab" so I kept the name while invoking an entirely different concept. The LAB is now home to Macs, laptops,  classes, Minecraft meet-ups, moveable furniture, and our next adventure: 3D printing.

The colors all come directly from our logo and branding guide. The icons were purchased from and then I added the shading. The fonts are also from our branding guide.

Prototype of a poster to promote Excel classes at the Bozeman Public Library created in Photoshop. It's no accident that those look like Seattle Seahawk colors!

I included this library handout to display the mouse illustration which I made in Adobe Illustrator.

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