A version of this text was sent both electronically and as postcards to business partners, donors, volunteers, patrons, the City of Bozeman, and Friends of the Bozeman Public Library. I used artboards in Illustrator to organize the multiple versions. The new logo (which was designed by Mammoth Marketing) was a radical departure from our previous logo and different indeed from library logos in general. It was important to tell the story of how and why we arrived at this logo and how it represents the direction of the library. I composed the first draft, then collaborated with numerous staff to arrive at the final text you see above. The motto "Where dreams take flight" was my own and is to date the only thing I have created that regularly appears on t-shirts.

The goal in creating this poster was to attract as many interesting candidates as possible given the low number of hours and tight job market in Bozeman. Human Resources sanctioned our silliness and we posted this sign all over downtown. I wrote most of the text except for the reference to Dr. Who. The December 18 reference was an allusion to the release date for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. More people did apply and the person we hired is now working toward a Masters Degree in Library Science.

This is the press release I authored for the launch of the new logo and library branding. It was my first time writing a press release.

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